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Ricethip Restaurant Special offer

2 Courses and Free soft Drink

 for £13.95

(Wednesday - Sunday all nights)


1. RiceThip Mixed Platter (Minimum for 2)  £11.50 🥔 

A selection of favourite  Samosa / Chicken Satay / Crispy King Prawn / Spring Roll / Pork Toast  served with sweet & sour dark sauce, Peanut sauce and sweet chilli sauce 

2. Kin Jae Mixed Platter (Minimum for 2)  £10.50🥦

A selection of favourite Spring Roll / Crispy tofu pocket / Gyoza / Sweet Corn Cake / Crispy won ton served with peanut sauce, sweet & sour dark sauce and sweet chilli sauce 

3. SaMoSa Ayam £5.25 

Chicken samosa fried in triangular shapes with mince chicken & vegetables served with sweet chilli sauce

4. Sate Ayam £5.50 (GF)

Chicken satay marinated chicken fillet using our own secret recipe, served with traditional satay peanut sauce.

5. Ayam Wings Teriyaki £5.50 (GF)

Deep Fried Chicken Wings topped with Teriyaki sauce.

6. Muk Krob £5.50

Deep Fried Squid rings covered in breadcrumbs  served with sweet chilli sauce.

7. Goong Korb £5.50

Crispy King Prawn covered in breadcrumbs served with sweet chilli Sauce.

8. Sate Udang Bali £6.50 (GF) 🌶

Prawn satay marinated in Balinese spices more than ten spices ingredients! A medium spicy dish, served with sweet chilli sauce.

9. Pla Tord Mun £5.95 (GF)

Authentic homemade Thai fishcakes blended with herbs & spices then mixed with chopped green beans, deep fried served with sweet chilli sauce.

10. Pung Moo £4.95

Deep fried marinated minced pork on pieces of toast, served with sweet chilli sauce. 

11. Jeep Moo £5.25

Steamed mince pork won ton pastry dumpling served with dark soy sauce with slices of shallot, tomato and lime juice 

12. Gra Dook Moo £5.95

Spare Ribs marinated in black peppers, honey soy sauce topped with our special red sauce. 

13. Lumpia Sayur £4.95 (GF)🥦

Deep fried vegetable spring roll filled with shredded mix vegetables, glass noodle, sweet corn served with Pineapple sauce

14. Ta Hu Yad Sai £4.75 🥦

Crispy tofu pocket brown fried tofu, stuffed with mixed shredded vegetables and dipped in a light batter served with dark soy sauce with slices of shallot & tomato and lime juice.

15. Gyoza Pak £4.95 🥦

Our homemade Japanese style diced vegetables dumplings filled with cabbage, carrot, ginger & more veggies served with dark soy sauce with slices of shallot & tomato and lime juice.

16. Ma Kheur Maung Tord Korb £4.75 🥦🌶

Deep fried Aubergine in a light crispy Thai style batter served with sweet chilli sauce.

17. Khao Phod Tord £4.95 🥦

Deep fried sweet corn cake delicious blend of sweet corn fritter in red curry paste served with sweet chilli sauce

18. Toong Thong Pak £4.75 🌶

Crispy won ton pastry filled with tofu and mixed vegetable served with sweet chilli sauce

19. Spicy Manora Thai Prawn Crackers £2.50

**A1. Pak Tempura £4.95

Mixed Vegetables lightly fried in tempura batter served with sweet chili sauce  


         King Prawn..........£5.95

20. Tom Yum 🌶

All time favourite hot & spicy soup with lemongrass, galangal, kaffir lime leaf, tomato, mushroom and touch of lime juice 

21. Tom Kha 🥦(GF)

A delightful Thai creamy sour coconut soup with, galangal, kaffir lime leaf, lemongrass, onion & tomato and mushroom

22. Sayur Asem Gaeng Som (GF)🥦🌶🌶

Hot & sour soup Indonesian style with a homemade paste, freshly squeeze Tamarind juice

23. Tom Yum Nam Khon (GF)🥦🌶🌶

Thailand's most celebrated dish. A spicy hot & sour soup with coconut milk, lemongrass, galangal, kaffir lime leaf, tomato, mushroom and touch of lime juice 


24. Laab  Krob ( Lao ) 🌶

Crispy light battered meat salad with ground chilli, coriander red onion, toasted ground rice with lime juice dressing. Chicken/ Mushroom&Tofu £5.95 / King Prawn £6.50

25. Vietnamese Salad   £5.95 🥦

Cucumber, cherry tomato, carrot, red onion, chinese leaf with sweet chilli and coconut dressing topping with crunchy peanut.  Added Chicken satay £1.50

26. Yum Yum 🥦

 salad with cucumber, tomato, red onion with a fresh chilli, Coriander in hot & Sour dressing. Chicken / Tofu £5.95 / King prawn £.6.50 / Seafood £7.50

27. Bekek Salads                  £7.50

Crispy duck salads with five spice dressing, toasted coconuts flakes and raisins

Main Course

Curries From the wok

 Chicken / Beef £8.50

King Prawn / Duck £8.95

Sea bass / Salmon £11.50

🥦Mixed Vegetables & Tofu £7.50

28. Thai Red Curry 🌶

Aromatic Red Curry cooked in coconut milk with bamboo shoot, red & green pepper, courgettes and sweet Basil. 

29. Indonesian Kari 🌶

A rich mild Yellow Curry from Indonesian style cooked with new potatoes, onion in coconut milk lighter taste.

30. Thai Green Curry 🌶🌶

The famous fragrant Thai Green Curry cooked in coconut milk with bamboo shoot, red & green pepper, fine bean and sweet Basil

31. Panang Curry 🌶

Panang is a type of thicker, semi-dry red curry, cooked with coconut milk, green & red pepper, green bean and broccoli. 

32. Massaman 🌶🥔

Made with dry spices such as cumin and cinnamon, while other Thai curries are made using Thai herbs the curry is cooked with coconut milk, new potatoes, onion, carrot, peanut. Extra Choice With Lamb shank £13.50

33. Lao Jungle Curry 🌶🌶🌶

Jungle curry the ultimate fiery hot curry non-coconut based curry cooked with bamboo shoot, green bean, broccoli, mushroom and Thai wild ginger root with basil


53. Nasi Goreng🥦🌶

Indonesian style stir-fried jasmine rice in spicy sambal sauce, onion, carrot and spring onion. include fried egg & chicken satay. (for tofu option will get grilled vegetables satay)  Choices of : Chicken £9.95 / King Prawn £10.95 / Tofu £9.50

54. Mie Goreng 🥦🌶🥔

Similar to Nasi Goreng but with Egg noodle and bean sprouts. include fried egg &  chicken satay.  (for tofu option will get grilled vegetables satay) Choices of : Chicken £9.95 / King Prawn £10.95/  Tofu £9.50

55. Pad Thai (GF) 🥦

Thai rice noodle with egg, bean sprout, carrot, spring onion and our own recipe tamarind sauce With the choice of : Chicken £8.50 / Beef / Mixed Vegetables & Tofu £8.50  / King prawn £8.95

56. Khao Pad Ricethip

Fried rice with egg, onion, carrot, cherry tomato With the choices of :

Chicken / Beef / Tofu £8.50 / King Prawn £8.95

57. Pad Singapore Noodle

Wok fried vermicelli and mixed vegetables and egg with a light curry sensation.

Chicken / Beef /Tofu £8.50 / King Prawn £8.95

58. Pad Malaysian (Char Kuay Teow)

Stir fried rice noodle with egg, carrot, broccoli, and cabbage in dark soy sauce

Chicken / Beef / Tofu £ 8.50 / King Prawn £ 8.95

From The Wok Pad

Chicken / Beef £8.50

King Prawn / Squid / Duck  £8.95

Sea bass / Salmon £11.50

Seafood £12.50

   🥦Mixed Vegetables & Tofu £7.50

34. Tom Yum Pad Hang 🌶🌶🌶

Stir-fried Tom Yum paste with creamy thicker coconut milk and Thai herbs, chilli, onion and mushroom

35. Pad Cashew Nut 🥔

Stir-fried with cashew nut, mushroom, carrot, red & green pepper and onion

36. Pad Javanese Sambal 🌶

Indonesian style stir-fried with chilli sambal sauce, onion, new potatoes

37. Pad Khing Ginger (GF) 

Stir-fried with ginger, garlic, onion, red & green pepper and mushroom.

38. Pad Gra Prao Basil 🌶🌶

Stir-fried with fresh chilli, garlic, fine bean red & green pepper, onion and basil.

39. Pad Sweet & Sour

The delicious of homemade sweet & sour sauce with cucumber, red & green pepper and onion

40. Pad Garlic and Black Pepper

Stir-fried fresh garlic with carrot, mushroom, ground black pepper and onion

41. Pad Prik Pao 🌶🌶

Stir-fried with roasted chilli paste, onion, red & green pepper, carrot, celery and sweet basil

42. Rica Rica Goreng 🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶

A very spicy chilli paste and mix of many different spices Rica - Rica is a famous dish from Indonesian. It's super spicy, it can blow your mind with onion and green bean

43. Pad Black Bean  (GF)🥔

Stir-fried with red & green pepper, onion and mushroom in black bean sauce

44. Pad Num Mon Hoy (GF)

Stir-fried with oyster sauce, red & green peppers, broccoli, onion and mushroom

N.1 Mie Ka-Thi Lao 🌶

This curry is a soup with vermicelli noodles and a savory broth. The base is flavored by red curry paste and coconut milk spring onion, bean sprout
 Chicken / Tofu £8.50 / King Prawn £8.95

N.2  Mee  Black Bean

Egg noodle in thick black bean gravy sauce with  vegetables choice of Chicken / Beef / Tofu £8.50 / King Prawn £8.95 

N.3 Hot & Spicy Ricethip 🌶

Tom yum flavour in a fried rice dish with egg, onion, mushroom, chilli, garlic and lime juice. Chicken / Tofu £8.50 / King Prawn £8.95 / Seafoods £8.95


45. Rendang Daging (Indonesian) 🌶

Indonesian rendang curry is a rich, fragrant and mildly spicy blend of aromatic ingredients with 11 different type of herbs make Rendang paste a signature slow-cooked curry dish popular throughout Southeast Asia Choice of: 

Lamb shank £13.50 / Beef £8.50

46. Traffic light curries £14.50 🌶

A mini size Traffic light curries Beef Red Curry, King prawn Yellow Curry & Chicken Green curry

47. Neung Ma Now (Thai & Lao) 🌶

Steamed with hot spicy chilli, lime, garlic sauce with onion and carrot. 

Sea Bass , Salmon £11.50 / King Prawn , Squid £8.95 / Seafoods £12.50

48. Teriyaki ( Korean ) 🥔

Lightly battered topped with teriyaki sauce 

Salmon £11.50 / King Prawn £8.95

49. Ped Ma-Kham £11.95🥔

Finest aromatic slices grilled duck breast on bed of broccoli dressed with exotic tamarind sauce and cashew nut. Extra Choice With King Prawn 8.95

50. Gai Yang Lard Geang £9.50 (Lao)🥔

Char grilled chicken breast with fruity curry sauce, raisins, cashew nuts  onion red & green pepper 

51. Nuea Ping £12.50 (Lao) (GF)

Weeping Tiger Char grilled sirloin served with medium rare topped with Thai spicy sauce

52. Yaki Udon (Japanese)🌶

Stir-fried dish consisting of thick, smooth, white udon noodles mixed with a soy based sauce and vegetables. Choice of:

Chicken / Beef /Tofu £8.50 /  King Prawn £8.95


59. Oseng Bunis £4.25🥦

Stir-fried fine green beans with Indonesian sambal, soy sauce and creamy coconut milk

60. Cap Cay £4.25🥦

Stir-fried mixed vegetables with Indonesian basic paste with soy sauce

61. Pad broccoli £4.25

Stir-fried broccoli with garlic and oyster sauce

62. Steamed jasmine rice £2.50

63. Egg fried rice £2.95

64. Coconut rice £2.95

65. Sticky rice ( Glutinous Rice) £3.25

66. Stir-fried plain egg noodle £2.95

67. Mini Pad Thai £3.95

68. Spicy yellow rice £2.95

69. Chips £2.50

Set Menu

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£17.50 PER PERSON (Minimum 2 people )


1. RiceThip mixed Platter Spring roll / chicken satay / crispy king prawn /Pork toast / Samosa 


32. Massaman Beef

38. Pad Basil King Prawn

39. Pad Sweet & Sour Chicken

Steamed Rice and Egg noodle

Set Kin Pak

£15.00 PER PERSON (Minimum 2 people)


13 Spring roll

15 Gyoza Pak

17 Khao Phod Tord

18 Toong Thong Pak


30 Geang Kiew Mixed Vegetable & Tofu

35 Pad Cashew Nut Mushroom

59 Stir-fried green bean

Steamed Rice

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